You know what’s on my mind?

Secret turtle snorkel spots. Hiking to hidden waterfalls. Swimming with wild spinner dolphins, (including baby’s)! Canyon racing in my 350Z sportster. Splitting lanes going too fast, attempting the “wheelie.” Full-moon photography adventures. Kayaking in the sea. Trying to surf, (since I was 13…). Ghost hunting! Coffee, black. Always…

I believe, no matter what the risk, you must follow your heart always.

I believe in paying it forward to others.

I believe life is short, and capturing moments that really make you want to just stop time and stay there forever, truly expresses the photos I create.

I believe every sunrise and sunset is different, just like everyone’s story about how they fell in love.

Soft served Dole pineapple ice cream is simply proof there are little pieces of heaven on earth. Fresh poke is a must. Catching baby hammerhead sharks can really happen! And no, tonic immobility will not work to help get the hook out from their sharp little jaws when you try and throw the little guy back!

You can never laugh too much…even at yourself!

Life is too short to not really enjoy every minute of it.

Fun. Adventurous. Amiable.

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Rachel Rose Photography is a professional destination wedding photography company that began in 2009. Specializing in story-telling photography, with a modern style and a photo-journalistic/candid approach.