How long does it take to get back our photos?

All of our clients will receive their images within 20 business days from their ceremony date.

What is your photography style?

We like to call our style modern, with a photo-journalistic and candid approach. You’ll notice when we work together that we like to take candid in the moment photographs of you interacting authentically. At times throughout the portrait sessions, we will pose you in a certain way, but pose you in a reflection of the actual moment you’re in. We want to capture our clients being who they really are, not posing awkwardly to take a picture lol. We do traditional posing for family and group portraits but always have our associate photographer taking fun candid’s.

What gear do you use?

We use full frame cameras from Nikon, and top of the line lenses. We have studio lighting and are highly versed in all types of different lighting atmospheres, or even lack there of.

Can I give my guests or family access to the pictures too?

Yes! We are providing a custom link back to all our clients that may also share that link with their guests, at no additional cost.

What if we are getting ready somewhere different then the ceremony site, will there be a travel fee?

As long as it’s within a relatively short distance, (aka 30 mins or less), we do not charge extra for two locations on the day of your wedding.

Will you have a second photographer?

It depends on which package you choose, but both our 6 hour and 8 hour packages include an associate team photographer.

Can we meet in person to discuss details about the wedding?

Yes! As a matter of fact, I highly suggest we do meet at least once to go over your wedding details, and sometimes meeting on skype or facetime is the way to go since we work with brides all over, (Australia, Japan, Canada, etc).

How much do you really want to know about us?!

10 Things you May not know about Rachel:

1) Rachel began her journey as a photographer back in 2003 at a community college working with the student newspaper staff. In 2008, she photographed her first wedding, and in 2009 “Rachel Rose Photography” was established.

2) Prior to wedding photography, Rachel used to be involved in the medical field working as a medical assistant and chiropractic assistant. Till this day she often helps out where she can, even if it’s for volunteer events.

3) Having never been to Hawaii her whole life, Rachel went to Kauai on a whim in 2009 and absolutely fell in love with it. This trip essentially changed everything; putting college on hold, Rachel moved there for a summer to work at skydive Kauai as a video editor. Needless to say, Hawaii became the place of true adventure and in 2011, (after graduating from UCSB), Rachel Rose Photography branched out to Hawaii again, expanding the company to one of the most amazing and beautiful destinations in the world, Oahu.

4) Rachel has cat-like reflexes! Having been a soccer goalie for over eight years, Rachel is one of those people who instinctively is fast-paced and able to move with the flow of things. Having grown up playing sports throughout her whole life (skateboarding, snowboarding, basketball, ping-pong) Rachel’s a very active person to say the least. Oh, and she has two furry cats too!

5) Both of Rachel’s Grandfathers were small business owners.

6) Rachel’s Grandma’s name was Rosemary. She loved roses and had a very impressive rose garden.

7) Rachel’s favorite book is East of Eden.

8) There have been some challenges! Rachel began her senior year of high school being about two years behind in credits. She was told by her high school teacher she would not graduate on time because of this. Hearing that really humbled Rachel and gave her the motivation she needed to make it all turn around. She not only ended up graduating on time, she in fact finished all her course work two months early. She was asked to make a speech at the graduation ceremony. She received a standing ovation.

9) After being kicked out of a motorcycle rider education class, (for dropping the bike, twice), Rachel immediately headed to the dealership. She bought a street bike she knew little about. She had it delivered to her address since she didn’t know how to ride yet. After thoroughly watching youtube videos, she taught herself how to ride a street bike. She passed California’s motorcycle DMV test on a CBR 600. She even decided to pay-it-forward and make a video on youtube, explaining how to pass the DMV riding test. (you can find it at https://youtu.be/z2ANQmF-huA).

10) Rachel hopes to one day shoot a wedding in Santorini, Greece.